WinCo Brings the Competition to Orem and Threatens Wal-Mart as the Low Price Leader

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Soon there will be another grocery store chain in Utah County. Yes I know, another one!

WinCo is the newest competitor entering the picture. Right now they are setting up shop on 8th North in Orem, in a massive¬† building under construction. I have learned some very interesting information just in the past few hours. It turns out WinCo may finally be the grocery store chain that can compete and actually beat Wal-Mart! I’ll be honest, I have no idea how they actually execute short term or even long term. All I know is what I’ve heard. Hint, it’s great for consumers!

WinCo has already entered the Salt Lake City area and has nearly killed Wal-Mart’s grocery business in nearby stores. WinCo is going to try and win your business by having amazingly low prices. Right now they are buying in product and then selling it below cost! I can’t imagine everything they sell is below cost, it just doesn’t make sense. However the person I talked to knows first hand that WinCo will buy a product in for $12 and then turn around and sell it for $9.99 simply to beat the competition.

Their stores are huge and resemble the Food-4-Less format. Unlike Food-4-Less however, they are extremely price aggressive. Their entire business seems to focus around price. Bag your own groceries, shop in a warehouse, pull product right out of the cardboard. They know people will do anything to save money.

Time will only tell what happens to the business strategy of Wal-Mart, Smith’s, Macey’s, Albertsons, Dan’s, Buy Low, and any other grocery store chain I may have forgotten to mention in Utah County. All I have to say is I’m excited for anything which creates competition and threatens the ‘all powerful’, ‘amazingly untouchable’ stores. *cough* Wal-Mart *cough*

It looks like you can find more information about openings and employment on twitter at

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Decent deal on oil change

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Today we have the day off and needed to take both our cars in for an oil change. I looked online and found a coupon for $7 off at Jiffy Lube. I called and for fully synthetic oil, its $54.99. Seven bucks doesn’t save me much when walmart is charging $49. Then I found a coupon for an oil change and tire rotation for $14.99 at firestone. I called then up and fully synthetic is $20 more. I scored a oil change and bonus tire rotation for $37 and some change after taxes. A better deal than just going to the closest place I could find.

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Mortgage Bailout

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Glenn Beck (TV program)Image via WikipediaSo before I rant, just to let you know I’m not completely insensitive, I just feel strongly about things. Its got to be one way or the other, you do or your don’t.

We keep hearing about how people that now can’t pay their house payment are going to get help by the federal government. It’s just my opinion that we don’t need to swoop in and save the day for anyone that made a poor choice. Its ok to reap the punishments and benefits, these are called consequences. If people don’t experience consequences, they will NEVER learn right?? There are always ‘some’ people that don’t deserve what is coming to them, its called getting screwed! Happens to me all the time! Move on, get over it. Life isn’t fair at least thats what my mom always told me, likely because life wasn’t fair to her.

Its just not what we should be doing. You wouldn’t stop your child from making any little bad choice, and if they did baby them and give them candy to make it better??!! Thats exactly what we are doing here! If you have time, try listening to Glenn Beck. He is awesomely entertaining and besides being LDS, seems to be a good person with his head on straight. See if he is on now at