How the world revolves around Utah

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Utah, the land of the free and the home of the LDS church. Don’t get me wrong, there are many nice people here and the scenery is wonderful. Unfortunately most people here are egocentric and they seem to enjoy constantly judging others and pridefully flaunting their successes. Nothing makes them feel better than to know they are above someone else. Everything everywhere is a competition. When someone doesn’t come out on top, they are always quick to give excuses as to why. Congradulatory remarks are often brimming with jelous malignity. It is quite depressing to just step back and watch how some people act.

People live as though they exclusively untouchable. They act like no one and nothing else in the world is as meaningful as they are. When they begin to feel insecure, that’s when they get nasty and are unable to resist the urge to attack. Its not safe to go out anymore simply because you may become a victim of roadrage or get scrutinized about why you don’t go to church (or didn’t go last week). You will get the most powerful stink-eye in public if you look or talk a certain way or you appear to be from a different class of society. Every set of eyes that lays upon your body is just tearing you apart limb-from-limb.If you could feel the pain, it would be everywhere and it would be unbearable.

Self esteem everywhere seems to be low. Everyone wonders around smelling of jealousy and ready to strike with anger stemming from general unhappiness. People are constantly faking how they really feel and refuse to be honest for the fear of further judgment from their peers. They are unable to be happy with themselves because all that mattered in their life is what other people think of them. Without peer-reviews, they have no self worth.

In my life I have found it is really hard to be friends with people who aren’t being completely honest about how they feel. It is like being friends with a rock. The best friends are those who won’t judge you in any way no matter what. They won’t judge you because of the house you live in, the car you drive (or how many you own), if you go to church or not (or which church), how much money you have, or your personal thoughts or opionions. Real friends are there to pick you up when you have a bad day, and they are able to because you are honest with them about your feelings and that you are indeed having a crappy day. It is a mutual relationship. If you cannot be honest with your best friend, they may as well be nobody. And nobody’s perfect.

I love my wife Mandy, both our families and my best friends Trevor and Michelle, Nate and Chris, Korban and Nessa, Nathan and Camile. Thanks you guys for not being like typical Utah people. :)

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Day Three – South Beach Hotel

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Today we intended to wake up bright and early to watch the sunrise on the beach. That obviously didn’t happen. We woke up around noon again, and went to McDonalds to eat (again). Afterwards we walked back to our hotel on 22nd and collins and changed into our swimming suits. Our hotel is just a block and a half from the beach, so it only takes a few minutes to get there. Not having a car hasn’t been a big deal, we have made great use of our legs and the public transportation system.

We pretty must just hung out at the beach until it started to rain, then we headed back and change again, then walked to mcDonalds again to eat. We honestly need to find some variety. Afterwards we walked down a

different street, Washington. Down there are more options for us to eat, too bad we didn’t discover them sooner. Tomorrow we plan on waking up early enough to get breakfast so we can stop eating double bacon cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets.

This evening it was obvious that it was Friday night. Everywhere we went there were limos or shuttles unloading party-ers onto the streets. It is definitely black beach week as they call it. Rap music and fancy cars everywhere. I saw a couple Bentleys and Lamborghinis.

Tomorrow we depart on the Carnival Truimph for a 8 day cruise. We will be back on Sunday June 1st. I am pretty certain we will not have internet access because it is so expensive. Tonight I booked a deal on for the Catalina hotel just a few blocks from here. It was a steal at $53.00 a night plus $30 off coupon plus $50 mastercard by mail. Compare that to our hotel which I payed just over a hundred a night, and they quoted me $155 if we wanted to come back.

Its one AM here now, I don’t have a lot of time to blog since we are going to bed now. Nessa and K will be departing on their flight in about an hour. We are going to meet them at the port of Miami. I’ve got the bus schedule that should take us right there. We are taking the S bus for 24 minutes from Collins to N America Way. Wish us luck. We will try to take tons of pictures. Love ya –Jason and Mandy.

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Cause I had a bad day.

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A can of Mountain Dew Image via WikipediaYesterday was just one of those crappy days where nothing seems to go right. You wonder if something more can happen. I was waiting for someone to hit my car.

I scraped the tint off my front windows. With only 10 days left on my temporary tags, I thought it was time. Nothing pisses me off more than to spend money on something that does no good and goes in the garbage. I bought the car in Colorado from my brother in law Stuart. He had a friend put on tint that was supposed to be legal in Utah. HA! Nope, sorry. And just to let you know, scraping tint otherwise sucks too. Getting the film off was very very easy (maybe since it was new), but there was a layer of glue that was nasty to get off. I swear there is going to be razor blade scratches in the glass now.

In my lecture series class at 530, first I was late. I hate being late. I would rather be bleeding than to be late. It pisses me off for some reason. So I walk in just in time to get a attendance card before they stopped handing them out. I sit down and we are talking about bugs! Bugs! (just to include, the lecture is always by a guest speaker) The speaker did an excellent job. He was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the topic, unlike me. It had nothing to do with technology, information systems, computer science or anything similar. I likened it to going to my wifes psychology class and lecturing about programming in assembly. So basically there weren’t any note I thought were relevant to take. I plan to write a 2 page paper (we have to write one for each lecture) about how this doesn’t relate to my major in the least bit.

Then we were going to hang out with our friends Vanessa and Korbin, but I guess Mandy didn’t say anything and I just went along and did whatever. Then around 730 I asked what we were doing and by then Nessa and K were tired and ready for bed.

It just seemed like such a waste of my life. I should have gone home at 1245 and setup my new server and desktop. Hopefully today will be better. Mountain Dew fixes everything.