Burger king in South Beach has been located!

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After walking over half a mile to McDonalds and then filling our guts with their guts, we started walking south on Alton Road we decided to turn East. Interestingly enough we saw buildings which looked like shops. We found Burger King! Mandy was angry and hit me several times as I laughed.  Total walking distance 1.9 miles there, and another 2 miles back. Our feet hurt. We are now resting in our hotel room watching Deep Impact on TNT. :)

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Kayak WINS! Cheapest Airfare MetaSeach

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Today just for fun I searched for the best deals on airfare from SLC to MIA sometime in May. The dates I specifically checked were rated as the best deal around this time. May 12th 2009 – May 19th 2009 was my example for these results (round-trip per-person including all taxes/fees rounded to the nearest dollar):

kayak.com = 229
priceline.com = 229
cheapair.com = 229
fly.com = 229
tripadvisor.com = 229
ITA Software = 229
sidestep.com = 229
hotwire.com = 229

yahootravel = 234
farecast.live.com = 235
cheaptickets.com = 236
mobissimo.com = 236
farecompare.com = 236
orbitz.com = 236
travelocity.com = 236
expedia.com = 236

cheapoair.com = 253
onetravel.com = 253
easyclicktravel.com = 254
airlinegateway.com = 254
smartfares.com = 254

Not always will this be the case, but use this information when deciding where to search first.

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Something big is coming!

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Wednesday April 16th 2008 is going to be our 5 year anniversary. I can’t believe its been 5 years already! Mandy and I have known each other for 7 years and somehow we are complete opposites that mesh together so well. She is random, exciting, cute, rambunctious, petite, emotional, I could go on and on. Basically I’m the exact opposite of everything mentioned.

Five years ago we got married and traveled to Florida for a 7 day cruise and 7 days in her parents timeshare. It was a nice break for us, we enjoyed not having to do anything for 2 weeks!

In the past years we have been so busy going to school and working full time that we haven’t gone anywhere or done anything for our anniversaries and even sometimes birthdays. 5 years though! This has to be special. As I planned this, Mandy had no idea. If anything, she thought it is going to be the same old stuff — I hoped she wasn’t scheming something at the same time, it would have been bad.

I have already booked plane tickets and the 9 day cruise for us to Florida and the Eastern Caribbean. For almost a month now I have been playing it as though we are broke and don’t really have money to do anything. Which now that I have bought the tickets, is true :)

We are going to go with Nessa and Korban on the cruise, they invited us a while back but I didn’t know if we would have time or money to join them. Things I do are usually not planned out in advance, I live day to day. We plan to go do some excursions as a group which is going to be a blast. Luminescent kayaking is one thing I have already paid for. I also got Mandy a nice digital camera so that we can take tons of pictures and hopefully add a photo gallery so everyone can see what we did.

I will add more information as we get closer and of course during or after our vacation.