Just Chillin’ and Bakin’

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For the past 2 days we have just been doing pretty much whatever. We wondered around the shops of Lincoln Road and picked up a new pair of sandals as well as some free ghiradeli chocolate samples. If you come to South Beach and are in the area, just walk in the door and they will offer you a sample. We also had dinner at Outback on Washington. We walked the streets with everyone else. It was only 9pm however all the ‘special’ people were out and about cubbin and working to impress. We headed back to our hotel and went to bed at a decent hour. Still in the most uncomfortable bed ever. Saturday we work up and ate breakfast at McDonalds. We then changed into our bathing suits and headed for the beach. We were at the beach from about noon to 3pm. At that point we could feel we were being baked. The beach really started to get crowded around 2pm, that must be the time to go. Right now we are just cooling down and watching one of the only 3 channels that works. For whatever reason our hotel doesn’t care to fix the satellite TV. They don’t seem to care about much at all. Don’t ever stay at the Greenview Hotel. The elevator is broken, the water feature in the front is broken, the satellite is broken, the lamp was broken, even the door lock doesn’t lock unless we push on it. The hallway is stinky and the clock is crocked and broken. There is a light out, the hall door is broken and swings freely putting a nice hold in the wall. Mandy and I took the back exit from the hotel — The emergency exit way and found it was covered in moss from the a/c units draining freely. Mandy slipped and nailed her head on one of the 1st floor a/c units. This is in addition to the front desk not giving a crap about their customers. I asked for extra towels. They said ‘well how many do you have now?’ I told them we had two. They then told me that is all you are allowed to have. Oh, notice the pictures of the compimentary breakfast. Yes those 3 items, thats is. Well the muffins were moldy. YUM! No juice, nothing but coffee to drink. What a freaking waste. The only good thing I can say is that this was the cheapest hotel except for another one which got half as good of a rating at tripadvisor.com

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Day 14 – South Beach day

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Today we skipped eating at McDonald’s all day long. For breakfast we just ate granola bars and fruit snacks. Then we waited for a long time before eating lunch, so it would really count for dinner as well. For our dinner we wondered down Washington ave into a Spanish side street restaurant area. Before we found the food place, we found several bums and weirdos. Mandy witnessed at least 2 drug deals going down, and another that seemed suspicious. She actually saw the little baggie of green organic plant matter. We were pretty certain that this isn’t how Miami folks buy cilantro.

For nearly the entire day we relaxed on south beach in the area of about 17th street. The water was warm, and the crowds light. We enjoyed just spending time together and not having anything on our to do list.

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Scary vs. Expensive Hotels in South Beach Miami, FL

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Only 16 days left till we fly to Florida for our 2 week vacation. Just a few days ago I booked our first 3 nights in South Beach, FL. We have our plane tickets and cruise paid for, but until now we haven’t decided what we are going to do before or after the cruise. So basically we fly in MIA and are going to get a shuttle or taxi service to take us to The South Beach Hotel in Miami Beach. We should be just a block from the beach and right in the middle of everything according to reviews I have read at tripadvisor.com. If you are planning to stay at a hotel anywhere, I strongly recommend checking tripadvisor to see real photos and reviews of the place. If you want to read some really scary reviews about a hotel, look for the Ramada Miami Airport North. It is the cheapest place I could find ever. There was even a coupon on travelocity to make the total 3 nights with rental car $230.00! I still want to go stay there with Nate and take a video camera to document the horror.

So the hotel we picked was going for $109 a night on hotels.com and some other sites I checked. I kept looking at it for its good reviews, price and location. All of a sudden the price jumped on every website (or the hotel became unavailable) to $394.00 a night! I was feeling pretty bitter about not booking it already until I found the 109 price still in effect on skoosh.com I have no idea what this website is or how long they have been around, but it worked. They have a no fee cancellation policy up to 3 days before, so i thought why not?

We are getting pretty excited for our vacation to say the least. We have bought new clothes and bathing suits among other things.

On the cruise Vanessa and I decided we are going to make up some games that we can play with the eight people we are going with. Maybe a digital camera style treasure hunt or some other games are in the works. We will have to share some photos online once we get back. It is going to be a blast!

My lunch break is over at work. Cya.

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