Overstock.com Pointing Finger: Screws Bing Shoppers out of 30% Cashback

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One of the best deals of the summer (so far) has been with the Overstock 30% cashback offer through Bing.com. This was valid on any item including the preorder of Starcraft 2. I personally missed out on ordering sc2, but had I been a few minutes earlier I would have likely purchased 2 or 3 copies (instead I ordered from dell.com. Bing hasn’t acknowledge the cashback yet). This ranks above the Napster screw-over I mentioned a few months back. Customers getting the Bing rejection emails have already received their items. What’s the plan now Overstock.com? I’ve been told this may in fact be illegal. If you want to save your image, make it right with your customers, and fast. Check out the slickdeals forum at http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?sduid=405472&t=2149148

Update 8/1/10: Overstock now pointing the finger at Bing for canceling the cashback. Bing points the finger at Overstock.

Slickdeals forum suggests returning items and/or issuing a chargeback with your credit card company.

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