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Go DaddyImage via WikipediaFor my second post I thought it would be important to explain how I acquired this domain name. Some of my co-workers (mainly a guy named Light, yes his name is Light) believe the name sounds self-centered. I wanted to find a domain name that I could call my own, something that my friends can easily remember. I actually picked the domain since anything else with my name seemed either too lengthy or too quirky.

It was back in December I believe that I saw a domain name I wanted. It was listed on one of those websites that shows expiring domains. I don’t remember which one it is, but I really wanted it. I heard that you could backorder a domain name so that when it expires the company you pay for the backorder tries to grab the domain name ASAP. Well there are many companies out there that offer this server, I have no idea which one is the best or even if there is such a thing. had a coupon code for some % off promotion, so I went and checked out their service.

For a little less than $15 I signed up for Godaddy’s backordering service and quickly entered in several domain names I wanted to monitor. They let you only have one actually on backorder, but the good thing is if you don’t get it, you can try again. You can have up to 100 domain’s monitored, which just tells you the current expiration date. The backorder ‘credit’ disappears after you win a domain name.

So I backordered one, and didn’t get it. They sent me an email and said sorry we were unable to capture this domain name. Figuring it was all over I moved on and tried to backorder another domain. OH! OH! I must share this, cause it ticked me off. The domain that I was going to backorder, the reason I purchased this service from godaddy, they wouldn’t let me backorder. Thats right, I searched the domain, they said its already taken but look here! you can backorder this domain! Liars. I tried to backorder this one, and it said nope! this domain has already been backordered! Word of warning, only one account can have a domain backordered within the godaddy system.

So when showed it was expiring I thought for sure another person has already backordered it with godaddy. I was wrong, it was free to be backordered. Keep in mind, this domain name expired on December 22, 2007. So before I continue lets just review the steps a domain takes from expiration to the day it drops:

-Domain expires on the expiration date
-Grace Period begins (lasts 0-45 days)
-Redemption period begins (lasts 30 days, during which registrar can charge a ‘late fee’)
-Enters deletion phase which lasts 5 days
-Domain drops, and may be registered by any registrar

So I get an email from Godaddy that the domain is going to drop on monday March 10th 2008. I wait and around noon I get an email that the domain was not successfully captured. So once again I go to remove it from my backordered credit and choose a different domain. After I removed it I noticed it recommends to keep it backordered for 7 days just in case the new owner changes their mind. I’m thinking “yeah right”, but I backordered it again. 5 days later I’m at work and tada! I get an email that the domain was successfully captured. It honestly felt like I had just won something! So what I think happened is another company that specializes in auctioning domains grabbed this domain just to see if anyone would run their direction with $$$ in hand. After no one seemed interested, they dropped the domain so they didn’t have to pay for it. This is just my theory though.

Well its time to carpool home. Till next time.