Burger king in South Beach has been located!

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After walking over half a mile to McDonalds and then filling our guts with their guts, we started walking south on Alton Road we decided to turn East. Interestingly enough we saw buildings which looked like shops. We found Burger King! Mandy was angry and hit me several times as I laughed.  Total walking distance 1.9 miles there, and another 2 miles back. Our feet hurt. We are now resting in our hotel room watching Deep Impact on TNT. :)

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1st Full Day

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MIAMI - NOVEMBER 30:  People walk past a Burge...
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Today we slept in way late today. Completely missed the complimentary breakfast and had very lucid dreams. I drempt i lost a third of my bottom teeth and was trying to shove them back in. GROSS! So our first stop was right back at McDonalds. We stuck to the dollar menu this time and got our money’s worth with our 4 refills of the small sprite. After that we headed back to our hotel and changed into our bathing suits. We spent about 3 hours on the beach today mostly just floating around in the water or tanning a little on the hot sand. It was really really crowded. A few scary looking old men hanging around our area drinking and yelling with their families/friends. We are back at our hotel right now and getting ready to go find some food. Mandy wanted Burger King but the two that used to be nearby are now abandoned buildings. Taco Bell is also abandoned in South Beach. Its really sad but for cheap fast food your choices seem to be Subway or McDonalds. We’ll keep you posted :) -Jason and Mandy

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Kayak WINS! Cheapest Airfare MetaSeach

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Today just for fun I searched for the best deals on airfare from SLC to MIA sometime in May. The dates I specifically checked were rated as the best deal around this time. May 12th 2009 – May 19th 2009 was my example for these results (round-trip per-person including all taxes/fees rounded to the nearest dollar):

kayak.com = 229
priceline.com = 229
cheapair.com = 229
fly.com = 229
tripadvisor.com = 229
ITA Software = 229
sidestep.com = 229
hotwire.com = 229

yahootravel = 234
farecast.live.com = 235
cheaptickets.com = 236
mobissimo.com = 236
farecompare.com = 236
orbitz.com = 236
travelocity.com = 236
expedia.com = 236

cheapoair.com = 253
onetravel.com = 253
easyclicktravel.com = 254
airlinegateway.com = 254
smartfares.com = 254

Not always will this be the case, but use this information when deciding where to search first.

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Day 7 – St. Thomas, St. John

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Waking up so early was killer. We slept in a bit even though room service brought us food. Mandy’s arm was killing her from kayaking the night before. I felt so bad cause I should have done all the work and just let her sit there. Nessa came to our room and rubbed her arm a bit to help ease the pain. We gathered with Kris and Brittina, Nessa and Korban and headed out to the port.

Mandy and I have been to St. Thomas 5 years before but a lot has changed. We did recognize a few things like the Wendy’s on the corner and the shops in the port area. This time we were following some internet advice Kris had that suggested we go to st. John and play on a fabulous beach there. It was a bit of a walk to the K-Mart intersection where we caught a open air taxi for $2 each which took us to the ferry. Then we waited 45 minutes for the next ferry to come and hopped on it. It was a pretty basic boat with just rows and rows of seats. Nothing too special and if it was a longer ride, I would have likely needed Dramamine.

Arriving in St. John, you could definitely tell this was where the blue beach pictures are taken. The water was so clear even at the dock, I was amazed. We again hopped on an open air taxi and headed to Trunk beach. It looked to be a state park and was charging $4 a person to get it. It was well worth it. We walked a very short distance through a dense forest and suddenly there was an opening and you could see the beach and blue ocean water. The sand was amazingly white and there were hardly any people there. This changed pretty quickly, but not before I snapped some panoramic shots. We threw down our stuff and put on our brand new snorkeling gear. It was perfect. The gear we had was not the cheap walmart stuff, but the kind you could pay $100 for – it had fins and all.

At first I was panicing. I have a fear of drowning and suffocating. I had to mentally tell myself to control my breathing and not freak out so bad.

The coral reefs were so cool. We saw all sorts of fish and plants and stuff. There were puffer fish, a huge angel fish, wrasse, damsels, blue and white tangs, and others I don’t quite know. They were so friendly we could just stick our hands out and they would come right up to us looking for food. A guy swam around with bread and fed them, it was amazing. We spent over an hour in the water wondering around the reefs and then started to get tired. Mandy and I were exhausted by the time we reached shore, it’s a good thing we headed back. We laid on the beach and snapped some more pictures of us and the scenery. Nessa and K had me take a panorama of them in 3 different frames. I hope it looks cool. After resting for a while Nessa, K and I headed back out for one last adventure. I wish would could have spent more time there, but we had to leave around 1:00 to catch the next ferry. They promised there will be more chances.

We got back to St-Thomas and went shopping. We almost missed our boat, we were supposed to be on by 530pm but didn’t make it back till 536pm. Traffic was so bad we almost jumped out a few times to run instead. We really wish we had had more time in this port.

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Day 5 – Day at Sea & Formal Night

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It was so nice to sleep in until 11. Today was a day at sea, so there wasn’t a real reason to get up early other than to eat and get fat. Our group found each other outside on the upper decks and found enough chairs we could all lay out together. The sun was nice, perfect clear skies and a nice breeze. We were out in the sun for several hours. The entire time I was just laying there enjoying listening to my Zune. I was so entertained I didn’t even notice how much time had passed. It clouded up after a while and started to rain so we all wondered back to our cabins and the girls went off and did something while Korban and I started watching a movie.

This is the day that Nessa introduced a really cool game to us. Since I don’t really know what it is called, I’ll just call it the cup and dice game. Start with a ton of dice, you will need at least 4 or 5 dice for each player. Keep in mind that the number of dice in play is how many rounds you have left of the game. So each player shakes the dice in the cup and flips it over in front of them so that the other player can’t see what you have. Tip up the cup and look at your own dice only. The person that starts gets to call out the opening prediction or guess as to how many dice of what number have been rolled. For example you can call that there are five 3’s. The next person must then increase one or both of the numbers said (ie: 6 3’s or five 4’s). Eventually someone will have to call you out and say that your prediction is false. You can only call a bluff if its your turn. If you are called, everyone lifts up their cup and shows the dice they have. All dice of the value last predicted are tallied and if the person lied, they loose a dice, if the person that called was wrong, they loose a dice instead. It is a way fun game if you have a group of 4+ people. We played the cup and dice game at the end of the ship until Brittina was crowned champion.

Ugh. Tonight was the first formal night. If you know me, you know how much I love to dress up. Up until this point I have gotten away with wearing jeans and a button up shirt to dinner, but now I have to wear a tie and dress pants. Bah. Well I did it. I was even suckered into buying a $4.50 rose along with all the other guys. Mandy and I have been so good about spending money so that we could afford this vacation; a rose just seemed like something disposable. Mandy felt the same way about the rose and was completely surprised that I got one for her. It was really fun hanging out with everyone. The girls especially had fun dressing up with all their jewelry and stuff. The cruise had photographers and backdrops so that everyone could get a nice memory of their $4.50 roses. Korban and Nessa spent $85.00 on pictures. Mandy and I completely avoided pictures. I even opted to stand out of one, knowing that there wasn’t a chance I was going to be paying for those. In my mind I was just wasting the photographers time. After dinner we went to the welcome abroad show in the main lounge.

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