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Tomorrow, Saturday, my wife and I are holding our so-called “open house” for our newly remodeled home in Orem. We bought the house in October and just yesterday I finished up some of the last touches. I’ll be honest, there is more to do but for now we are done (and out of funds).

So please stop by anytime tomorrow from noon till 8pm. We will have food, drinks and photos of our house before the remodel. We are really excited to be done and hopefully have a life away from Home Depot now. :)

See you tomorrow!

By the way (Nessa), we don’t expect people to bring gifts. This isn’t a “bring us stuff” party. We just want to visit and show everyone our hard work we are so proud of.

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Offer on a Bank Owned Property

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Mount Timpanogos, in the Wasatch Range, near O...

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Friday we put in an offer on a bank owned propery in Orem. The house needs a bit of work but is a good price for the square feet and has a good layout. We honestly like it equal to the house you read about where we offered full asking price with closing costs back. This one however is 40 grand cheaper.

We expect to hear back today from the bank. There was another offer that came in over the weekend so we actually upped our offer 10 grand to be more competitive (i’m sure they did the same). The submission is due today at 10 am so hopefully we hear back soon after.

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Orem’s New Flashing Yellow Arrow

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Today was my first encounter with what is supposed to revolutionize the left turn arrow. Apparently there has been some frustration with sitting at a red arrow when the road is obviously clear. UDOT hopes to tackle this problem with the new 4 light option in the left turn lane. At the top you have a regular red arrow. Next a yellow arrow, and then another yellow arrow beneath that flashes. Of course the bottom is still the solid green arrow.

Whats confusing is that when the yellow arrow is flashing, does that mean that it is about to turn red or that you should hurry and go since you aren’t going to be protected. Absolutely wrong. The yellow arrow flashes during the entire set that the green or red arrows aren’t on. When the light is about to turn red, it switches to a red arrow. If that doesn’t confuse you to death, here is a flash example of how it all works. Hopefully this educates some of you driving around 8th south and 8th west in Orem. I really don’t want to get slammed into cause someone thought they needed to hurry through the flashing arrow.


Solid Red Arrow = Stop. No left turns allowed.

Solid Yellow Arrow = Prepare to stop.

Flashing Yellow Arrow = Left turns allowed, but first yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

Solid Green Arrow = Left turns allowed. Proceed with caution.

If you really want to learn more about this “solution” and see more videos on how it works better, visit

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Sleepin’ at the In-Laws

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Last night was the first night of many to come. Mandy and I have sold our house and are now going to spend the next few months living with her parents in Orem. I like her parents, we seems to get along great. I hope that living in their basement doesn’t ruin that relationship.

Sleeping in someone else’s bed definately takes getting used to. Ours is so much softer. I think I tossed and turned at least 10 times last night.

Taffy (our dog) was so confused yesterday. Our house is completely packed up and ready to move out. She was really starting to panic that something bad was happening. We had her jump into a box also, so she would know that we aren’t leaving her behind.

Tomorrow we have hired 7 Brothers Moving Company to move our stuff. They are going to charge $303 for the first 2 hours, and then $89 an hour after that. We figured it is worth it since we have a heavy piano and bedroom furniture. If they can just handle the heavy stuff, we can get the boxes afterwards.

I’m guessing we are going to be busy for the next few days if not weeks.

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