Cause I had a bad day.

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A can of Mountain Dew Image via WikipediaYesterday was just one of those crappy days where nothing seems to go right. You wonder if something more can happen. I was waiting for someone to hit my car.

I scraped the tint off my front windows. With only 10 days left on my temporary tags, I thought it was time. Nothing pisses me off more than to spend money on something that does no good and goes in the garbage. I bought the car in Colorado from my brother in law Stuart. He had a friend put on tint that was supposed to be legal in Utah. HA! Nope, sorry. And just to let you know, scraping tint otherwise sucks too. Getting the film off was very very easy (maybe since it was new), but there was a layer of glue that was nasty to get off. I swear there is going to be razor blade scratches in the glass now.

In my lecture series class at 530, first I was late. I hate being late. I would rather be bleeding than to be late. It pisses me off for some reason. So I walk in just in time to get a attendance card before they stopped handing them out. I sit down and we are talking about bugs! Bugs! (just to include, the lecture is always by a guest speaker) The speaker did an excellent job. He was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the topic, unlike me. It had nothing to do with technology, information systems, computer science or anything similar. I likened it to going to my wifes psychology class and lecturing about programming in assembly. So basically there weren’t any note I thought were relevant to take. I plan to write a 2 page paper (we have to write one for each lecture) about how this doesn’t relate to my major in the least bit.

Then we were going to hang out with our friends Vanessa and Korbin, but I guess Mandy didn’t say anything and I just went along and did whatever. Then around 730 I asked what we were doing and by then Nessa and K were tired and ready for bed.

It just seemed like such a waste of my life. I should have gone home at 1245 and setup my new server and desktop. Hopefully today will be better. Mountain Dew fixes everything.

Build a deck? or Build up your food storage?

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Yesterday was a busy day for Mandy and I. Tuesdays our our free day with school getting done early and no work in the afternoon. We went to school at UVSC, then went shopping, got an oil change, ran some errands, etc. In the afternoon I was chatting with nessa ( and she was talking about how the stock market almost crashed on Monday if the feds hadn’t done something to avoid a back going bankrupt. I know that everything is so volatile that we could have big trouble on the stock market, but in my opinion what is going to really make it bad is when people hear something on the news and run out and buy all the food and supplies they can. We should all slowly build up a supply, not for the end of the world or the economy crashing, but because we could become disabled, lose our job, lose our car, or a loved one.

Later that day we went over to my cousin Trevor’s house. Trevor is like a brother to me, we hang out all the time. Mandy, Trevor and I worked on building his deck. His house is about 25 years old and the deck out his kitchen was pretty old and rickety. He ripped it out himself and was trying to rebuild the supporting beams and decking. As Mandy works at home depot, she loves using tools and was the first to run to the impact driver to try it out.

Later we met up with his wife Michelle and went to Mandy’s favorite restaurant, Los Hermanos. The waiter brought me a pitcher of Mountain Dew after I chugged 2 glasses in the first few minutes. Oh my gosh I honestly thought I was going to die! No, not from happiness, but from drinking about a third of the pitcher. You know I swear I used to drink way more in a sitting, but tonight it just wasn’t happening. I will spare you the details, but just say that I spent the next 6 hours in the bathroom. Mandy took a picture with her phone, someday I will figure out how to add them to my post.