Day 14 – South Beach day

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Today we skipped eating at McDonald’s all day long. For breakfast we just ate granola bars and fruit snacks. Then we waited for a long time before eating lunch, so it would really count for dinner as well. For our dinner we wondered down Washington ave into a Spanish side street restaurant area. Before we found the food place, we found several bums and weirdos. Mandy witnessed at least 2 drug deals going down, and another that seemed suspicious. She actually saw the little baggie of green organic plant matter. We were pretty certain that this isn’t how Miami folks buy cilantro.

For nearly the entire day we relaxed on south beach in the area of about 17th street. The water was warm, and the crowds light. We enjoyed just spending time together and not having anything on our to do list.

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Day 12 – Debarkation

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As Mandy put it, today is the day that all of us would be de-barked. Ruf! We were going to get our luggage packed the night before, but ended up partying late in the casino, playing uno in nessa’s cabin and enjoying a last chocolate ice cream cone. We spent some tender time on the bow of the ship holding each other and enjoying the stars. We knew this was the end. Passing out in our beds, we expected to get up early enough to pack and get ready.

Waking up around 8am, we thought we had 3 hours before our limo was to arrive. That’s right, we were taking a limo! The rest of our group had arranged a limo to take them to and from the port to the Miami international airport. We opted to just take the bus and taxi to the port the first half since we were so close to the port already. The hotel I booked for after the cruise had a free shuttle from the airport, so it wasn’t a bad thing to leave us at the airport.

On the shuttle ride there was only 1 other person riding with us. His name was Jason also from Texas. He was just headed back to the beach for a few hours since he missed his flight. It was pretty cool to have someone to talk to.

We arrived to our hotel after only a short 15 minute ride. Compare that with our bus ride adventure from before. Lets just say that in every way, this hotel was a much better deal. The people at the hotel were very nice and since we arrived at just after 11am, they offered to hold our suitcases in the basement until we could check in at 2pm. We grabbed out swimsuits and towels and headed to the beach. It was very sunny at hot, the water was nice and warm. There were people everywhere. Sundays must be the popular day to go to the beach. Just after 2pm we headed back to the hotel and checked in. Our hotel was on the second floor and the room is super chic. Everything is intreging right to the red ceiling. We showered off the sweat, salt and sand, then took a nice nap.

We woke up and headed to McDonald’s for cheap nasty food. Its not that nasty, but we are getting pretty sick of double cheeseburgers. At least Mandy is entertained by hot fudge Sundays. Afterward we walked to the boardwalk and walked along the beach together in the sunset light. It is amazing how the sunset attracts even more homeless people to the beaches. By 8pm, the beach is nearly deserted except for the occasional spooning couple.

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