1st Full Day

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Today we slept in way late today. Completely missed the complimentary breakfast and had very lucid dreams. I drempt i lost a third of my bottom teeth and was trying to shove them back in. GROSS! So our first stop was right back at McDonalds. We stuck to the dollar menu this time and got our money’s worth with our 4 refills of the small sprite. After that we headed back to our hotel and changed into our bathing suits. We spent about 3 hours on the beach today mostly just floating around in the water or tanning a little on the hot sand. It was really really crowded. A few scary looking old men hanging around our area drinking and yelling with their families/friends. We are back at our hotel right now and getting ready to go find some food. Mandy wanted Burger King but the two that used to be nearby are now abandoned buildings. Taco Bell is also abandoned in South Beach. Its really sad but for cheap fast food your choices seem to be Subway or McDonalds. We’ll keep you posted :) -Jason and Mandy

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Random Egging

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Yesterday I went to visit Mandy at work and noticed some nasty substance on the side of the car. It completely covered the driver-side rear door and look like it sprayed all over the front door. Somehow she missed seeing it both when she got in the car and then when she got out at work. I found egg shells in the road where her car was parked at her parents. I wondered up and down our block but didn’t find any other evidence of a public egging.

I proceeded to wash Mandy’s car three times to hopefully get off any remaining acid before it ate into the

clearcoat and damaged the paint further. Apparently the egg was thrown so hard the shell actually chipped the paint all over at the point of impact. Not only is there likely clear coat damage, but a nice semi-circle of paint chips.

Today I noticed another area of egg shells on the road about 2 blocks from our house. I knocked on the door and asked the guy if his car had been egged. Two of his cars parked on the street were indeed egged and by the looks of things, it wasn’t just one egg per car.

I have only one message to people who think egging is fun and exciting. Don’t hit cars, don’t hit houses. Choose something that won’t be destroyed or damaged.

1st Attempt at Home Ownership

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Yesterday Mandy and I put in an offer on 3 different short-sales in Provo. These houses are pretty much brand new and in excellent condition. With our budget, these are at the high end of what we can afford, but if we can get them at or close to our offer, than we will be extremely lucky. Basically these houses have bottomed out in price, and can’t really go any lower. Since they are short sales, we will likely be waiting for a month before hearing anything. We will keep looking for other homes since even with an offer in, (according to our agent) we have no obligation to accept.

If you would like to take a look at the homes we have chosen, here are a couple links:

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Get Ready for Holiday Shopping

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I know it seems early, but to get the best deals on the best gifts, you have to start well before it starts to get cold outside. I just got Mandy a laptop at Circuit City for $330 AR (after rebates). If you need some ideas for gifts for your kids, here is a great link with some hard to find toys. http://www.realityparenting.com/joke-hard-to-find-toys.html

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Day 11 – Nasau Bahamas

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Shopping at the port, Nessa borrows credit card and buys ring and upgrades blue diamond. We walk to crappy beach and play with little kids hauling rocks.

Back on the ship, huge line waiting to get back on. Mandy hungry for choc ice cream. Dinner was awesome. We ordered so much food. Giant shrimp, and one last warm chocolate melting cake. We stayed after dinner and talked with a nice assistant waiter from Thailand. He told us how it’s a hard job, he didn’t seem like he really was in love with it. The pay didn’t sound really good either, he said its really unfair when sometimes you get tables with 50 people, and sometimes you get 12 people. The tips you get end up only being like $10 per person for the whole time. He was laughing and smiling, but I’m not sure if he was faking.

After dinner we forgot we were going to meet Nessa and k in the aft hot tub. Mandy is completely addicted to the quarter pushing machine. Once she heard that Melissa and Jeff were going to gamble and play craps, Mandy was all in. Luckily I was still holding all the cash. Nessa and K had one of our phones and walkie-talkie-ed us and Mandy felt so bad. We ended up meeting them in their room shortly after, and then we all played the dice game and uno on the floor of Nessa’s cabin. It was really fun.

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