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Tomorrow, Saturday, my wife and I are holding our so-called “open house” for our newly remodeled home in Orem. We bought the house in October and just yesterday I finished up some of the last touches. I’ll be honest, there is more to do but for now we are done (and out of funds).

So please stop by anytime tomorrow from noon till 8pm. We will have food, drinks and photos of our house before the remodel. We are really excited to be done and hopefully have a life away from Home Depot now. :)

See you tomorrow!

By the way (Nessa), we don’t expect people to bring gifts. This isn’t a “bring us stuff” party. We just want to visit and show everyone our hard work we are so proud of.

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Selling a home isn’t easy – especially in this market

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Map of Utah highlighting Utah CountyImage via WikipediaSo as most of my family and friends know, Mandy and I are trying to sell our home. We have lived in Spanish Fork for 3 years now and come to realize how much of our lives is spent commuting. Even though it is only 30 minutes to work, there are several other motivating factors including the cost of fuel. For over a year now we have been carpooling to save money and it has really helped our budget.

We have had our house listed for about 6 weeks now. At first we had people walking through at least every 3 days, even a couple days back to back. For the past 10 days though, nothing. It is definitely a different experience having to make your bed every single morning and wash the dishes as you use them, etcetera.

Everyone that has walked though our house says its very nice, has a great floorplan and is in excellent condition. It shows like a model home, the agents tell us. We did have few criticisms regarding our neighbors yard and the lack of kitchen cabinets. If you want to take a virtual tour, check our website

I talked to my mother on Tuesday and she was telling me about how one of her new neighbors had their house on the market for a whole year and only got 1 offer. If you want to take a look at pictures of my mom’s new house, go to

So for now we will keep our house on the market and see what happens. It is listed at $205,000, at this time we don’t want to go any lower. If it sells, great! If not, thats ok too. We have no reason we must move now.