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If you pay at the pump like my wife and I do, you know you end up with a glovebox full of those little reciepts. These slips we only grab so that the next person to come along can’t see how much money we just wasted to fill up our tank.

We try to be good and write down how far we go between fillups on the slip with hopes that some day we will sit down and enter all the information in a database or something. I intend to develop a website where I can connect on my cell phone and input data right after I fillup. Until then, I have found something pretty neat that you might want to try out. Its called FuelFrog. You create an account and then just login and input miles traveled and gallons used. You can even keep track of the price you paid per gallon and view all the information on a graph. Its simple, easy and free.

As soon as I develop my own version, i’ll let you know.

Check out my average MPGs for my 2006 Mazda 3.

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Gasoline Prices Jump

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Today I was in the Exxon gas station by 1600 North and I-15 and heard the clerk mention to a customer than they were going to increase their price by 16 cents today. The station just up the block already had and was now at 4.15 a gallon for regular. This morning’s price of $3.99 was the cheapest I could find in the area, Most others were already at $4.09. When will it stop? Did I mention that Mandy and I still carpool to work?

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