IN-N-OUT Burger

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In-n-Out logoImage via WikipediaA week ago my wife and I traveled to St. George UT for a quick one day vacation with our sister-in-law Chris and her family. We stopped by the new IN-N-OUT Burger there which has only been open for 2 weeks. There was a line out the door and the drive thru line was about 30 cars deep. We opted to go inside and order which was a wise move as they were really quick to get us through the line. I think we only waited like 15 minutes total till we had our food. It was excellent. I haven’t had their food for 3+ years, but it was every bit as good as I remember. We ordered just the regular double double and Mandy got a chocolate shake. It was cheap and really good. I had only wished that we had gone there again that night instead of the nasty expensive pizza buffet place which shall not be named. I cannot wait until there is an IN-N-OUT here in Utah County!

As a side note, we did not see a bus in the drive thru. Apparently this only happens here.

A Storm of Krishna Color

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Mandy, Vanessa and Chris all went to the annual Holi Festival of Color on Saturday, here in Spanish Fork. Here at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple, over ten thousand people joined in and clouded the air with 20,000 packets of colored powder. People parked on the highway as far as two miles away. They came back completely covered in many different colors of fine powder. Anything they leaned against or shook over became the same color as they were. Even my garage floor has remnants of the powder which changed Chris’ hair color. In the end, everyone was relieved that the powder came off nearly as easily as it fell on them. A quick shower and dusting off of clothes and you could barely tell they were involved in the chaos. The scene was, well here’s the video: