Burger king in South Beach has been located!

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After walking over half a mile to McDonalds and then filling our guts with their guts, we started walking south on Alton Road we decided to turn East. Interestingly enough we saw buildings which looked like shops. We found Burger King! Mandy was angry and hit me several times as I laughed.  Total walking distance 1.9 miles there, and another 2 miles back. Our feet hurt. We are now resting in our hotel room watching Deep Impact on TNT. :)

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1st Full Day

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MIAMI - NOVEMBER 30:  People walk past a Burge...
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Today we slept in way late today. Completely missed the complimentary breakfast and had very lucid dreams. I drempt i lost a third of my bottom teeth and was trying to shove them back in. GROSS! So our first stop was right back at McDonalds. We stuck to the dollar menu this time and got our money’s worth with our 4 refills of the small sprite. After that we headed back to our hotel and changed into our bathing suits. We spent about 3 hours on the beach today mostly just floating around in the water or tanning a little on the hot sand. It was really really crowded. A few scary looking old men hanging around our area drinking and yelling with their families/friends. We are back at our hotel right now and getting ready to go find some food. Mandy wanted Burger King but the two that used to be nearby are now abandoned buildings. Taco Bell is also abandoned in South Beach. Its really sad but for cheap fast food your choices seem to be Subway or McDonalds. We’ll keep you posted :) -Jason and Mandy

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Inconsiderate Humans

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Customers Suck!Sometimes it just amazes me how people act. There are many people in the world that are well aware they don’t live here alone and are considerate of others. Then there are the people around us that somehow believe we are here for their sole entertainment and service.

Yesterday at work I was replying to an email where the customer had created yet another ticket on the same issue (this happens all the time). In the ticket there was a screenshot included which showed they had 2 simultaneous live chat sessions opened with our support team. So for one problem they had 2 tickets opened and were using 2 chat support staff at the same time?!?! This is a perfect example of one of the 2 types of people mentioned above, I’ll let you decide which. Here was my response:

“Good Afternoon,
To give you an update, I do show that there was a ticket already created (#163211). This ticket has been moved into our escalations queue. I will comment on that ticket so that our admins can also know to pull up this ticket number. If you have any other comments related to this issue, please reply to the other ticket as it is in the correct queue.

We would appreciate that you not open multiple ticket and multiple live chat sessions at the same time. We have many customers we would like to serve in a timely manner. We are fully able to take care of our customers in a timely manner so long as our support staff resources aren’t over utilized by any one customer. You wouldn’t want us to delay in taking your chat or resolving your issue if another customer had opened multiple tickets or chats? It’s like taking a bus through the drive through at McDonalds, it just isn’t polite.

Let me know if you have additional questions.
Jason L.”

Go ahead and comment on this, let me know if you thing this was too harsh or a well justified reply.

Here is a hilarious video showing a bus getting stuck in the drive thru. How appropriate.