Burger king in South Beach has been located!

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After walking over half a mile to McDonalds and then filling our guts with their guts, we started walking south on Alton Road we decided to turn East. Interestingly enough we saw buildings which looked like shops. We found Burger King! Mandy was angry and hit me several times as I laughed.  Total walking distance 1.9 miles there, and another 2 miles back. Our feet hurt. We are now resting in our hotel room watching Deep Impact on TNT. :)

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1st Full Day

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Today we slept in way late today. Completely missed the complimentary breakfast and had very lucid dreams. I drempt i lost a third of my bottom teeth and was trying to shove them back in. GROSS! So our first stop was right back at McDonalds. We stuck to the dollar menu this time and got our money’s worth with our 4 refills of the small sprite. After that we headed back to our hotel and changed into our bathing suits. We spent about 3 hours on the beach today mostly just floating around in the water or tanning a little on the hot sand. It was really really crowded. A few scary looking old men hanging around our area drinking and yelling with their families/friends. We are back at our hotel right now and getting ready to go find some food. Mandy wanted Burger King but the two that used to be nearby are now abandoned buildings. Taco Bell is also abandoned in South Beach. Its really sad but for cheap fast food your choices seem to be Subway or McDonalds. We’ll keep you posted :) -Jason and Mandy

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Day 13 – Day at the beach

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Today we woke up and actually made it to McDonald’s for breakfast. I got their sausage mcgriddles 2 for $2. I heard on tv that there were t-storms in the area today and 30% chance of rain. We headed back to our hotel and finished packing up our suitcases. Even though we don’t leave for another 2 days, we want to be ready and have our suitcases organized. After getting things straightened we headed to the beach. The weather was perfect at first, just some clouds and nice warm water. The clouds thickened and we even felt some sprinkles. It cleared up within minutes and we decided to wait for the few remaining clouds to pass. The sun came back out and so we laid out and tanned some more and then got back in the water later. We had fun looking in the sand for cool looking shells. Most everything was just ugly broken coral or shells.

After getting 4 hours of beach time in, we headed back to the hotel to rinse off the salt water and get changed. We laid around a while and watched some tv, then headed out to locate some cheap food other than McDonald’s. I looked up online and it said there was a burger king and taco bell nearby. Boy were they wrong, both have been abandoned and buildings for sale. We walked past McDonald’s again remembering that there was a Quiznos down Washington ave. I really don’t remember it being so far down, but I guess it was. Along the way we passed by at least a dozen homeless people. I’m guessing the rain stirs them up a bit like rats in rain barrels. Quiznos was a nice change for me but mandy didn’t really enjoy it as much. We are now sitting in our hotel again this time watching star trek. Mandy just talked to her mother who is mowing our yard as we speak. I watched her on our webcam which was really neat as she was able to say hi and wave to us in our front yard. (cam.mandymandy.com)

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Day Two – 1st Full day in South Beach

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Sleeping in our minimalist hotel room proved to not be as relaxing as we had hoped. The bed was pretty hard and besides sheets and three pillows, there was only a small throw we could use to cuddle with. The room temperature was acceptable, though it took forever for it to cool down, and we ended up really cold overnight. The walls were thin and we could hear everything. Being on the first floor right by the front patio, we were able to hear people talking all night and early morning.

I had a bit of trouble getting a wireless signal and later found out that it was only available in the lobby. We did get connected long enough to find information about where food was located, and proceeded to wonder the streets in search of food. This would be the first of many McDonald meals.

To my amazement, they did have a $1 value menu at the South Beach McDonalds. I really expected it to be significantly more because of the location. At this McDonalds the drive thru window is a walk up window, there isn’t a real drive through. Instead of the $1 double cheese burger, I opted to try something we don’t have back home. For fifty cents more I got a double cheeseburger with bacon. It was pretty good but doesn’t compare to Wendy’s whatsoever.

With our stomachs full of cheap greasy food, it was clear we needed to exercise a bit. We walked up and down Lincoln Ave, most of which is a pedestrian mall of sorts. There are many shops along these few blocks, including upscale restaurants which lined the sidewalk with large umbrellas. It was a pleasant relief to walk in the shade and enjoy the fans intended for diners. Most of the shops weren’t of interest to us, our time was mainly spent window shopping.

After our fair share of oogling at stuff we can’t afford to buy, we walked back to our hotel. It seemed like such a long walk in the sun, my forehead must have lost at least 4oz of sweat in the process. We then got our bathing suits on and left our room key with the front desk. The walk to the beach was very short. It was just across Collins Ave, probably a block and a half total.

The beach was a beautiful sight, there is a nice boardwalk area for joggers and walkers that runs parallel to the beach, just between the beachfront hotels and the sand and blue skies. Lifeguard towers are positioned up and down the beach, all of which were staffed and had flags warning of dangerous marine life. I’m not sure what they meant by dangerous marine life, but it didn’t seem to stop anyone else from swimming. All I could do it hope that if there were sharks, they would have closed the beach completely.

We claimed our square of sand in the area between the chairs and umbrellas and the water. Umbrellas and chairs are owned by the beachfront hotels, though I have heard you can rent them for $5 a day. We ran out to the water and were pleasantly surprised at the temperature of the water. It was warmer than most heated pools; it seemed more like a hot tub. We walked right in and stumbled across about 5 feet of sharp rocks and coral. After that area it was nice soft sand and even got shallower as we went out. There was a large sandbar that stretched at least 50 feet in either direction. This is where we spent most of our time.

I remember reading the review about our hotel and how some people were disgusted by nudity on the beach. I looked around expecting to see something since this was in fact South Beach, but there wasn’t anything more than the occasional g-string (nasty by the way). We spent the next few hours on the beach or in the water, just having fun relaxing and enjoying the view. It was pretty neat to see all the large hotels right against the beach, stretching as far as the eye could see. We did see a few crazy people running into the water with their tops off, and a few sunbathing. Most of them weren’t very attractive IMO, and for sure, nothing hotter than my wife.

The beach pretty much empties out around 6pm when it starts to cool off and the sun isn’t direct enough to make you look like a California raisin. We stayed until literally we were the only ones in the water for about a quarter mile. Making our way back to the hotel we discovered the boardwalk fills up with bums in the evening hours. If you are crazy, homeless or just obnoxious, this is your time and place.

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