Shame on Napster

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Finding great deals online is something many people enjoy doing. If you need convincing, just look at the popularity of websites such as, and even Getting a great deal take patience, flexibility, time and perhaps a bit of luck. Yesterday slickdeals, and many other deal websites posted a promo code offering 60 free downloads and a year subscription to online streaming music. Within hours the promo code was pulled and emails sent out saying the account had been closed. Fine. It’s ok, we understand. Sometimes a promotion wasn’t supposed to be so popular, or your system didn’t have the code setup as a one time use coupon. We get it. I personally was ready to walk away and count myself out a few minutes of my time. Then today I get another email, this time with the subject in all caps: “FRAUDULENT NAPSTER PROMO CODE”. Wow, okay, that is interesting but why did I care? Then I start reading the message and it makes me feel like a fugitive. Seriously, I just found a great deal posted on slickdeals, I go through YOUR checkout, YOU hand me a receipt then you wait a bit and run after me like a SHOPLIFTER?!?! Wow. I won’t be back. You seriously treat your potential customers like this? Shame on you Napster. Shame on you.

On March 3, 2010, a private-use customer service promotional code, offering an annual Napster subscription that includes 60 MP3s, was illegally shared on multiple public websites. Because these subscriptions were created in a fraudulent manner, Napster expired these accounts, including the MP3 credits, at 9:30 PM the same day.

This code was neither made available via  or any of its partners’ sites, nor was it promoted in any way by Napster or its partners. We encourage consumers to ensure the validity of a promotional code, for Napster or any other service or product, before attempting to redeem.

We apologize if this caused any disruption in service to any of our subscribers or visitors.  We believe Napster is the best value in digital music.  For as low as $5 per month, subscribers enjoy unlimited on-demand streaming music plus 5 song credits.  Go to to check it out.

Please do not reply to this email as the mailbox is not monitored.  To reach Napster Customer Support, please visit


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  1. Hi Jason,

    The email was meant to be a follow-up to the account cancellation to provide some explanation of why the account was canceled. It was purely sent to thwart any confusion after the fact, not as an accusation.

    On behalf of Napster, I’m sorry if the email was seen as anything else.


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