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So its been about 2 weeks since I started facebooking. I don’t have any reason to stop at this point. There are a few things that really bother me, but its merely details about how facebook is setup. For example, the live chat built in. It doesn’t seem like anyone really uses it. There is one person who I chat with via the facebook chat, everyone else we just post on each others walls or make comments on existing posts. Speaking of, that gets kinda confusing. How do you know when you should post on their wall versus comment. Well it seems if you want to start a new conversation about something, you should click their name and then post on their wall. If you are carrying on a conversation already in progress, then you just click comment. Seems simple enough, but I see posts all the time where someone says oh and by the way….

I have had a few random requests for friends who I have no idea who they are. Apparently I went to school with them. So I just ignored their requests. I feel that facebook should be a place for people who are really my friends. When I go to add someone as a friend, I think would I really want to go to lunch with this person? If so, I add them.

Tonight I signed up for twitter. I have to say there are far fewer people on twitter — at least that I know. I’m going to experiment with it. For now its an easy way to update my facebook status. If I update twitter, facebook automatically sees the update and changes my facebook status to match. If you want to have your facebook account do the same, just go to http://apps.facebook.com/twitter/

Now I can just send a text message to 40404 and it will update both twitter and facebook. This is a great way to update from anywhere, until I get a cool android phone :)

Next project, interface facebook and twitter with my blog myjason.com. I’ve already started experimenting and its going to be a fun challenge. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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