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So its been a few days since I signed up for facebook. My initial impression was positive. Its very easy to sign up and start finding contacts to add. There was even an import for current windows live contacts. Once you get a few people added, then you see suggestions based on who their friends are. At first I was skipping past 9/10 of the suggestions, but then suddenly I was shown a lot of old coworkers (who were all friends with each other on facebook). It was at that moment I thought, this is really cool. There would be zero chance I would be able to contact these people or even find them if it wasn’t for facebook.

After I had added a few people, instantly I started getting approvals on my friend requests! Who are these people that just sit on facebook all day long. It seemed like every 5 minutes I was getting an email that someone else had approved me as their friend. Do I sense an addiction? And who isn’t on facebook? Was I the last one to join?

The downside:
There were a few people I found that I didn’t want to add. We were never the best of friends for whatever reason. So I just skipped them when suggested. Unfortunately facebook kept suggesting them to me. I suspect this is because they were a friend on more than one of my friends list.

It seems like facebook has some problems with javascript. The site doesn’t seem like its using ajax to update conversations (you have to force a refresh to see new posts). The javascript that they are using completely freezes up the page every once in a while. Its so annoying to have to refresh the entire page when you are working on something.

Generally speaking, facebook has been a great communication tool. I can see it being a waste of time and distraction from regular every day life. It is well worth it to keep your friends and family in the loop and not lose them when you are far away.

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