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Ok Ok, settle down people. Here is my view on all of this. Facebook is nothing more than a place for those of you with over zealous personalities to wage the ME! ME! ME! war. I call it FaceButt!

Here is what I mean:
If you answer an absolute YES to any of the following, then you are part of the reason I’ve been avoiding joining facebook.

Do you insist on being the first person to tell as many people as possible about absolutely horrific news?
Do you insist on being the first person to tell everyone someone else’s great news?
Do you insist on broadcasting to everyone know how wonderful or how miserable your life is — All the time?
When someone is getting all the attention does it make your unbearably jealous?
You absolutely cannot stand to be the last person to hop on the popularity bandwagon?
You rarely hang out with people more intelligent than you are? You prefer those you can educate.
You avoid people that know more than you do about things you are interested in?
You are a leader or a follower but never a ‘walk the other way-er’
Most of the time you aren’t stepping back, thinking of others as if you were in their shoes?
Does it anger you when people are in your way? On the road? In grocery stores?
Does it anger you when other cars are going faster than you are?
Do you find obscene gore humorous? jk.
Is your car faster than most anyone else you know?
Is your truck lifted higher than half the other trucks?
Is your house bigger than half the block?
Do you hire a maid service because you are too good to clean your own house?
Anytime you buy something, it has to be the newest technology — no matter the cost?
You spend more money on clothes than all of your friends? For your dog.

Alright, you get the point. I’m not the type of person who wants to instantly jump on facebook to declare that Chris just had her baby. I don’t really want to know how someone is feeling now that they woke up. And I don’t need to feel stalked online by creepy predators from my past.

With all that out in the open, I think I’ll join facebook today — and here’s why.

My wife is really getting into Facebook. All my friends are into Facebook,  I’m curious what is so wonderful. Now that they are both in Saudi Arabia, Nathan and Camille are a million miles away.  Of course its a way to stay connected and read about what the rest of my family is up to. There are a lot of my family that doesn’t sign into google talk or msn messenger.  They seem to only use Facebook. Its possible they have been avoiding me — I guess we will find out.

So I’m giving it one week.

In one week we will see if it is really worth it. I’ll attempt to keep my thoughts documented here on and hopefully integrate some facebook wordpress plugins.

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