Random Egging

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Yesterday I went to visit Mandy at work and noticed some nasty substance on the side of the car. It completely covered the driver-side rear door and look like it sprayed all over the front door. Somehow she missed seeing it both when she got in the car and then when she got out at work. I found egg shells in the road where her car was parked at her parents. I wondered up and down our block but didn’t find any other evidence of a public egging.

I proceeded to wash Mandy’s car three times to hopefully get off any remaining acid before it ate into the

clearcoat and damaged the paint further. Apparently the egg was thrown so hard the shell actually chipped the paint all over at the point of impact. Not only is there likely clear coat damage, but a nice semi-circle of paint chips.

Today I noticed another area of egg shells on the road about 2 blocks from our house. I knocked on the door and asked the guy if his car had been egged. Two of his cars parked on the street were indeed egged and by the looks of things, it wasn’t just one egg per car.

I have only one message to people who think egging is fun and exciting. Don’t hit cars, don’t hit houses. Choose something that won’t be destroyed or damaged.

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